Architectural Drafting Service

I provide a comprehensive CAD drawing service to self builders, architects, interior designers and contractors.

3d CAD models, sketches, planning application elevations & plans. Detailed technical drawings for building control & construction.

Topographical sketches work well for planning applications.

2d cross-sections through a 3d model.

Building Information Modelling (B.I.M.)

3D BIM models for architectural and landscaping projects. 3D modelling has become standard now on large commercial projects & has been for some years, but is now being used more and more on smaller builds.

A picture saves a thousand words & facilitates unambiguous communication throughout the project.

Visuals & Interior Design

A useful feature of building information modelling is its ability to produce visual rendered images through any section of the building.

3D visuals and plans can be extracted for internal and external building elements. Individual pieces of furniture can be designed and placed into an enviroment or living space, from en-suite bathrooms to a full interior layout.

Any fixtures, fittings and furniture of any type can be replicated from photos, sketches & a few measurements. New items can also be created from your own designs.

Architectural Detailing

Architectural detailing for construction & building control.

Over the years I have compiled many detail and cross-section drawings of existing buildings and modern building methods. These are constantly being updated as new materials are introduced.

Structural Insulated Panel Detail
Details of a glazed extension

Planning Application drawings

Planning application drawings produced from supplied data or a site visit and survey.

+ more information on planning application & building control drawings

If you require professional CAD services, could you please e-mail with a brief description of your requirements and I will reply to you as soon as possible, or if you would like to discuss your project give me a call.

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