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CAD Technician Services

CAD Technician & Drafting Services UK

CAD Technician UK

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CAD Technician & Drafting Services UK

Save time & money, hire your own CAD technician directly

With 40 years experience in construction and engineering, I produce technical drawings and 3d models, for Architectural, M.E.P. and Engineering disciplines, often combining them together. Working direct for a client or as part of a small team. Both throughout the UK & worldwide via the internet.

My portfolio varies greatly, from small individual property renovations, to large commercial construction projects for the food industry & utilities. P&ID drawings. MEP, electrical and mechanical containment layouts. Prototype engineering, blue prints & fabrication drawings for existing or bespoke plant & machinery. Vessels, pipework. Schematics, GA’s & RCP’s . DXF files for CNC cutting. I do not sub-contract any of my work out.

Projects are uniquely flexible, driven by the requirements of my clients. This web-site shows a cross-section of past projects and is by no means exhaustive.

I am based in central Yorkshire, with clients across the whole of the UK & many parts Europe.

Architectural CAD Technician

Architectural CAD drawings and 3D visuals for self builders, architects, interior designers and construction companies.

2D DWG drawings. Planning application and building control, construction plans, elevations, cross-sections & steelwork detailing.

Architectural & Landscape 2019

My clients have complete control of their projects from start to finish.

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C.H.P Combined Heating & Power Systems

This is a specialist area that I have been working in for the last 5 years.

M.E.P.  (Mechanical, electrical & plumbing) 3d systems & drawings

C.H.P. ( combined heat & power ) systems, energy centres, commercial / industrial estates, hospitals & utilities.

Simplified, a combined heat & power systems usually comprise of a water treatment system, a very large industrial generator & L.T.H.W boilers. The generator provides power to the facility & an over production is sold back to the grid. Waste heat produced by the engine & exhaust is harnessed using a series of heat exchanges & used to preheat the water going into the boilers that supply hot water & heating to buildings on the estate.

C.H.P Generator & Heat Exchangers

More information on C.H.P systems can be found on my new website Please click on green bar below if you want to visit.

Mechanical. Electrical. Plumbing. (M.E.P.)

MEP’s, GA’s, RCP’s, schematics & P&ID drawings for Contractors, utilities and mechanical installations. Below is a 3d model of the service under-croft Reading hospital I surveyed & compiled for a Rewco industrial boilers project.

Survey & 3D Model “Service level” Reading Hospital 2021 to 2022
Water Treatment Facility 2018

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Sheet metalwork enclosures designed around new or existing machinery.

Cabinets and housings for encapsulating plant, machinery and electrical systems. Designed completely in sheet metalwork or a combination of  steel or aluminium section. PDF engineering drawings are accompanied with DWG’s and/or DXF files for laser cutting & enhanced detail.

Sheet metalwork and encapsulation cabinets.

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Prototype & Engineering CAD Service

Prototype design & engineering assemblies. All the CAD drawing services you will need to have a project designed & fabricated.

  • Engineering drawings
  • Prototype 3D models
  • Fabrication drawings
  • DXF files for CNC cutting
  • Sheet metal drawings

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I look forward to hearing from you just e-mail me with a brief description of your requirements and I will reply to you as soon as possible or you can give me a call if you wish to discuss your project.



CAD Technician Services