I provide a comprehensive 2 & 3D, M.E.P. Cad service specifically for contractors and small companies, requiring affordable part time access to DWG, BIM & 3D solid modelling CAD design, Mechanical installations, containment and clash detection.

2d electrical schematics, dwg plans & sections

3d solid or bim modelling for layouts & fabrication

Fabrication models can be imported into BIM for clash detection

Pipework & mechanical assemblies

P&ID Drawings

P&ID (Piping & instrumentation diagram) drawings can be extracted from a 3D model or drawn direct in standard 2D format.

P&ID Drawings

Below is the 3D pipework layout for a new water treatment facility at Dublin Zoo Completed 2015. Its function is to bring water from pick-up points located in the penguin and sea-lion pools / holding areas. The water is then past through the filters and protein skimmers using high pressure pumps. It is then left to drain through raised concrete tanks containing an anaerobic bacteria medium and then back to the pools via gravity.

GA’s & RCP’s

Many sub-contractors require simple 2D GA’s ( General Arrangement ) & RCP’s ( Reflected Ceiling Plan ) drawings, showing their equipment layouts. I can produce these from scratch or overlay them onto existing drawings.

Electrical RCP’s

If you require professional CAD services, could you please e-mail projects@cad-technician.co.uk with a brief description of your requirements and I will reply to you as soon as possible. Or you can give me a call if you wish to discuss your project.

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